Smartphone Scrying

Scrying is an ancient form of divination. Scrying has been used since ancient times from dark pool gazing of the Celtics, to the crystal balls and magic mirrors of the Greeks, to the Middle East use of soot-blackened nails and handheld pools of ink, almost all cultures used a type of magic gazing to divine the unknown. You can too with a little practice.

The popularity of using a black surface for scrying first made an appearance from Arabic traders in the early Middle Ages. Famous Elizabethan alchemist John Dee and his associate Edward Kelly used an Aztec piece of polished obsidian to communicate with angelic figures. This stone is still viewable at the British Museum in London.

Dee and Kelly scryed at night, in a dark room filled with the smoke of incense. Kelly gazed into the black reflective surface, lit softly with the glow of candles, and spoke to the angelic figures while Dee feverishly wrote the complicated Enochian Language.

Throughout time and into our own scrying has been used. Now nearly two thirds of American own a smartphone. Smartphones sport a large black reflective surface, much like that used by John Dee and Edward Kelly.

You can scry using your smartphone, any brand of phone will work.

Step one: Find a dark room at night. You’ll want as little light as possible.

Step two: Sit comfortably either on the floor cross-legged or upright in a chair.

Step three: Light a candle or a candle lighting equivalent. I prefer candles as they dance and add to the ambiance.

Step four: Clean the surface of phone until it is reflective.

Step five: With your phone in rest or sleep mode (or even turn it off, but who turns their phone off anyway) gaze into the reflective black surface and focus on something.

What that something is up to you. If you want to speak with a lost loved one focus your thoughts on their name. Repeat it in your mind over and over.

If you want to speak to an angel or your spirit guide (insert your personal belief system here), repeat your intention over and over again in your mind. For example repeat, “I want to speak to my spirit guide” over and over. Do not make the phrase too wordy, it helps to be short and to the point.

If you want to know where you lost your keys ask the question, “where are my keys?” over and over while gazing into the black surface.

The important part is to focus your intentions and mind while looking into the black abyss of your phone. Other thoughts will enter your mind; just gently draw focus back to the desired goal. Refocus and breathe.

While gazing and focusing, images and figures will start to form in the abyss. Like dark swirling smoke you will see shapes, faces, numbers, or where you lost your keys. It takes practice. Don’t be discouraged if on your first few attempts nothing happens.

Now you’re scrying. Once adept you can scry with your phone at any time. It works better at night, but can be done during the day. The important aspect of scrying is to focus your mind while looking into the abyss. Any abyss really: a TV that is off, a laptop screen, a crystal ball, or an obsidian stone.